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By |April 10th, 2017|

We are Dizengoff Audio, home of the new Chicago sound.
We love to build affordable tributes to classic recording gear based […]

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By |May 7th, 2015|

Softube is a Swedish manufacturer of software and hardware for the audio industry with a strong focus on creating the most accurate software simulations possible.

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By |January 22nd, 2015|

Drumagog's powerful triggering engine has been improved to precisely track the most demanding drum tracks. Complicated rolls and flams are no match for Drumagog 5's new triggering engine.


By |January 22nd, 2015|

ProSoCoustic products are engineered to outperform the traditional approaches to acoustic treatment while having a minimal impact on the environment and your health.

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By |January 22nd, 2015|

Established in 2007, the company's research and development activity has focussed on its revolutionary BLACKBOX RECORDER, designed for capturing live multi-channel audio.